Peer Proposal Template

Submit proposals for new TLDs, registries and peering agreements.
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Peer Proposal Template

Post by CitadelCore » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:33 pm

Please use this template when proposing your peering agreement. Please note that you need to have gone through the peering process outlined here first and be ready to either gather opinions or begin your vote before you continue.

Type of Proposal: (either Gathering Opinions or Beginning Vote)
Length of stay with CoreNIC: (how long you've been using CoreNIC)
Number of T2 servers currently in operation: (you must have at least 2)
TLDs in your root zone: (the TLDs in your root zone)
Migrating a CoreNIC TLD to your own alternative root zone: (yes or no)
Your root zone's website: (must be a publicly accessible and working ICANN domain)
IP address of your Tier-0 or Tier-1(s):
Contact Email Address:
Contact Name:

After posting your topic, please contact a moderator or administrator via IRC to start a vote on your topic (if you are ready to begin your vote).
All proposals are final and cannot be cancelled or removed after you post them. You may only have one ongoing proposal at a time.


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